# vue-scoped-css/no-unused-selector

disallow selectors defined in Scoped CSS that don't use in <template>

  • ⚙️ This rule is included in all of "plugin:vue-scoped-css/recommended", "plugin:vue-scoped-css/vue3-recommended" and "plugin:vue-scoped-css/all".

# 📖 Rule Details

This rule reports selectors defined in Scoped CSS not used in <template>.

This rule statically analyzes type selectors, ID selectors, class selectors, combinators and universal selectors among the selectors defined in CSS.

<template> <div> <input> <div id="id_a"></div> <div class="class-b"> <div class="class-c"></div> </div> </div> </template> <style scoped> /* ✗ BAD */ ul {} #id_unknown {} .class-unknown {} .class-b > .class-unknown {} /* ✓ GOOD */ div {} #id_a {} .class-b {} .class-b > .class-c {} /* For a CSS rule with the selector `.a .b`, if the element that matches `.a` contains a recursive child component, then all `.b` in that child component will be matched by the rule. */ .class-decoration .class-b {} /* ignores */ *[disabled] {} *:hover {} </style>
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In order to match the root element with a class selector, you need to set at least one matching class name. This is a limitation of this rule. Without this limitation, the root element can apply all class selectors.

<template> <div></div> </template> <style scoped> /* ✗ BAD */ .root-decoration {} </style>
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<template> <div class="root-class"></div> </template> <style scoped> /* ✓ GOOD */ .root-class.root-decoration {} </style>
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# 🔧 Options

  "vue-scoped-css/no-unused-selector": ["error", {
    "ignoreBEMModifier": false,
    "captureClassesFromDoc": []
  • ignoreBEMModifier ... Set true if you want to ignore the BEM modifier. Default is false.
  • captureClassesFromDoc ... Specifies the regexp that extracts the class name from the documentation in the comments. Even if there is no matching element, no error is reported if the document of a class name exists in the comments.

# "ignoreBEMModifier": true

<template> <div class="cool-component"></div> </template> <style scoped> /* ✓ GOOD */ .cool-component--active {} </style>
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# "captureClassesFromDoc": [ "/(\\.[a-z-]+)(?::[a-z-]+)?\\s+-\\s*[^\\r\\n]+/i" ]

Example of KSS (opens new window) format:

<template> <div> <a class="button star"></a> </div> </template> <style scoped lang="scss"> /* ✓ GOOD */ // A button suitable for giving a star to someone. // // :hover - Subtle hover highlight. // .star-given - A highlight indicating you've already given a star. // .star-given:hover - Subtle hover highlight on top of star-given styling. // .disabled - Dims the button to indicate it cannot be used. // // Styleguide 2.1.3. a.button.star { &.star-given { } &.disabled { } } </style>
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# 📚 Further reading

# Implementation

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