# Column Type Classes

# Namespace cheetahGrid.columns.type

Class Name Function Others Related Links
Column show text same as not specify type ---
NumberColumn show number with comma-separated same as columnType: 'number' NumberColumn
CheckColumn show checkbox same as columnType: 'check' - CheckColumn
- CheckEditor
MenuColumn show menu --- - MenuColumn
- InlineMenuEditor
ButtonColumn show button columnType: 'button' has same the function - ButtonColumn
- ButtonAction
ImageColumn show image same as columnType: 'image' ImageColumn
PercentCompleteBarColumn show percent complete bar --- PercentCompleteBarColumn
IconColumn show icon only --- IconColumn
MultilineTextColumn show multiline text same as columnType: 'multilinetext' MultilineTextColumn
BranchGraphColumn show branch graph --- BranchGraphColumn
RadioColumn show radio button same as columnType: 'radio' - RadioColumn
- RadioEditor
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